Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Latest Smith Scoop!

Just to summarize, briefly, our life in October has been chaotic and extremely's a quick rundown of the events that stick out:
  • Went on family vacation...FUN!  Haven't decided yet if cruising is the ideal vacation for me, but we had a great time!
  • Family illnesses, Chris ill with the flu, Braydon with some head issues (looking like it was encephalitis brought on by skeeter bites!), David with a cold, and me with my upper/lower GI issues!
  • School
  • Braydon's 4-H club booth at the fair won Best in Show in two counties!
  • David grew...more!
  • Braydon finished out his soccer and tennis season.
  • I had an emergency colonoscopy/EGD...good times!
  • Attended a couponing class with my homeschool group...very insightful and inspiring!
  • David and Toastmasters.
  • Still trying to plan my garage sale.
  • Braydon's first Junior Bible Quiz meet will be coming up next Friday night...he is ready to hit that buzzer!
  • Chris is going to Japan in a couple weeks for work.
  • I steam cleaned the floors in the laundry room with a very small brush, on my hands and knees...NOT FUN!  It took about seven hours collectively! 
  • Chris cleaned all of the windows outside...that is such a chore...thanks, honey!
  • Christmas party and field trip planning.
  • School pictures.
  • Braydon will be donning an Anakin Skywalker costume this year for Halloween.
  • Attended an awesome pumpkin patch in Dixie, Louisiana with the homeschool group.
  • Starting to plan vacation 2011.
  • Winter clothes shopping...YUK!  Boys have one long sleeve shirt that still fits from last year!
  • I am going to start running again...maybe will train for a marathon....who knows how inspired I will become....looking for a running partner, anyone interested??:)
  • We carved pumpkin with Braydon doing the pumpkin prayer...really sweet!
  • David is working on his hunter's education license....for shooting purposes only...we are not going to do the hunting thing.
  • Chris and I are attending a bible study on Acts at church.
  • Bowling with our homeschool group.
  • Very frustrated about the Fuji apple situation in our town....they rarely stock them anymore!!
It has been quite a jam packed month and I am glad October is almost over...hopefully November will be a little more calm!  Also, thanks to all of our friends for the prayers and help with our family's medical situations this month....what a blessing to have you!


michelle edwards joy said...

I would love to run with you but it will take a while to work up to any distance.

MommydeSmith said...

That would be great...wish we lived closer to each other! Beam me up, Scotty!! We need some sort of transportation expediting system!! Girl, my distance will take a lot of practice too.