Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Little Reader!

Braydon is doing so fabulous with his reading skills! This morning he sat on my bed and read a book all by himself for the first time!! I told him it was time to read for school and he picked up his book and did his own little thing! Usually, he will sit next to me or on my lap and we will do it together. He was Mr. Independent today! How exciting! Reading is still not his favorite thing to do, but I think eventually he will really enjoy it. I will have to say; however, the Sonlight Kindergarten readers are very enjoyable and funny for kids to start out with! A lot better than Dick and Jane or See Spot Run like we started out with.

I am a proud Mommy! We are almost done with all kindergarten basics....we are still working on counting money...but I suppose he will not be making any big purchases at the ripe ol' age of five. Now my we do first grade this year or official kindergarten....or a mixture of both?? Gotta put some thought and prayer into this one!!

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