Monday, August 9, 2010

Gluten-Free Pancake Adventure.

Last week I attempted to make some pancakes out of a gluten-free biscuit mix. It was very clear on the back of the bag that it would also double as a pancake/waffle batter...another reason why I bought it!

After making the batter, I could not get the pancakes to cook!! They were burnt on both sides and still gooey batter on the inside. I flattened the pancake on the griddle thinking that maybe it would push the batter out that was not getting cooked...WRONG! The batter still didn't do anything other than remain it's gooey self.

So, I had a wonderful idea...I will put the batter in my waffle iron and then it will definitely cook all the way through?? I poured it into my waffle maker.....and then when the light turned green, I thought to myself, "Yes!!", it cooked through otherwise my indicator light would have stayed red! WRONG!! My waffle iron was cemented shut! It wouldn't open no matter what. My husband and I took it outside and had to pry it open with his tools!

I will never use this biscuit mix again for pancakes....and as far as the waffles go, I won't be making any sort of waffle anytime soon because my waffle iron is kaput!

Just FYI...for you gluten-free families out was Bob's Red Mill biscuit mix....beware! It makes mediocre biscuits, but the pancake batter was no bueno! The actual pancake mix made by this company; however, is my son's favorite!

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