Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Garage Sale Time Of Year.

I have a garage sale every year around this time and I vowed that last year would be the last one, but I find myself planning another.....hurumph! I was just going to donate everything that I had, but when the bags of things kept multiplying, I figured I should probably go ahead and do it. There was also a strong spousal influence!

So, here I go...plan, gather, plan, gather. Hopefully, we will make quite a bit of money....we usually do! I have averaged the past few years about $700 per garage sale...not too shabby!

My tips for a great garage sale:
  • Have your clothes folded and organized. People don't want to look through piles to find things...they won't usually! They will just see what is on top. If you don't like to fold things, or have the table space, make some sort of hanging pole to put things on hangers!
  • Start early....the early risers buy a lot! Most of the time it's the grandparents that are out and everyone knows how grandparents love to buy stuff for the kids.
  • Put categories of things in same area, ie; kitchen stuff together, toys, tools, games...etc.
  • Advertise as much as possible without spending a fortune. I call the local radio, place ads online, and put a $15 ad in the paper. I also place signs up all around town.
  • Don't sell things that YOU wouldn't buy because of the condition of the item. If there are clothes that are really stained and look drabby...donate them or make rags for your husband's shop. If I walk up to a garage sale and I see nasty, tattered clothes, I don't even look around at anything else because, already, I am thinking that someone didn't take care of the clothes...so just maybe they didn't take care of anything else??
  • Baby stuff (not talking clothes here) ALWAYS sells, even the stuff that doesn't look too pretty, but make sure it's in the best condition/cleaned up as you can get it...it could make HUGE monetary differences!
  • Price things correctly. Nobody wants to walk up to a sale and see a pair of jeans for $20! I don't care if they cost $100...it's a garage sale. You put it in the sale because you no longer want it...get rid of it then!! Price it to where someone is feeling they are walking away with a deal, or people will just walk away.
  • Along with the pricing....make sure everything HAS a price on it...it is annoying to have to continue to ask, "how much". People are more apt to buy things when they see the price rather than hear it!
  • Make sure you note the condition of what you are selling. If something doesn't work, tell the customer! This is not so much important for the current sale you are having, but for repeat business...which is important if you live in a small town like me!!

Hope these tips help! I am off to plan.....

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