Thursday, June 10, 2010

Que Sera Sera.

I went to our local KFC/Taco Bell the other night to buy some tacos for the kiddos. I placed my order and then the drive-thru operator told me that they were no longer a Taco Bell, just a KFC! WHAT?? There are not that many dining options in this little town and now they are downsizing?? That makes perfect sense to me. They discontinued serving last week and they had taken the sign down that day.

I heard that Taco Bell had requested the owner of that franchise to broaden the Taco Bell menu and he/she declined, so they lost the contract! Way to go, owner! I don't even know if anybody even goes to's so gross! I guess we will see if it stays open or not??

Goodbye, my weight watching bean will be missed.

I said thank you, rolled up my window, and drove away bamboozled.....

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