Thursday, April 15, 2010

Surprise Visitors, Sickness, A Pedicure, And Pippi Longstocking.

Today we are delighted to have some surprise "travelers" stop by and stay with us for a bit! The kiddos are going to be ecstatic! I hope I am able to capture it with my camera. The surprise: Some of the grandparents from our native state!! How fun!

Hubby has been really sick last few days, but was able to hack his way back to work today, much to my dismay. I hope he doesn't make anybody sick! I suppose he probably isn't contagious anymore, since he has been on meds the last 48 hours.

First pedicure of the season yesterday....WOOHOO! Boy, did my feet need it! When your bean counting husband tells you that it is time to spend money on your feet you know it's time!!

Braydon's new fun song is the Pippi Longstocking theme. He loves to sing it and he constantly makes me sing it to him. I use a little kid's voice and he says that I sound just like the kid singing it, so I cannot count how many times it is requested in a day's time. It really does put a big smile on his face, though! As long as he doesn't start requesting it in public.....

Gotta scoot, MUCH to do before company arrives.....starting with my walk!

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