Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is a tragic story about a Toshiba laptop!

David saves his money for years! For his thirteenth birthday, he asked only for money to put towards the purchase of a laptop. He gets his laptop....YAY! Not so much....

A few months after having the laptop, the bios password set automatically without any help from us. This means that nobody can access his computer until the code is entered. Well, since we were not the ones that set the password, we had no idea what it would be. I did research online and found out that there were some Toshiba models that were doing this and that it was a defect from the factory. I called, had it repaired, and it was back in our possession. A month later same thing happened....Errrr. I was assured the first time that it would not happen after it was repaired once....but, behold, it did! Anyway, sent it in, it was repaired, and again it was back in our possession.

Now, the end of February the bios password struck again! Out of commission! I called, it stayed, and was not fixed due to a crack in the LCD screen. They informed me that a crack was a non-warranty repair....ooookay, what they did not inform me was that all non-warranty issues had to be fixed prior to warrantied issues...RATS! So, I called (very agitated at this point) and just curiously asked why I wasn't made aware of this situation when I was on the telephone with the representative????? I did get an, "I'm sorry". SO WHAT is what I say....just help me!

After days and days of calling, not getting promised return calls, and the computer just ending up at my front door with no foresight from Toshiba, my fight with them came to an end. I called them today for the last time to see why the computer was here without so much as a phone call from them (as was promised to me). They said they would remove the password after fixing the screen for a whopping $425.00. Thanks a lot Toshiba, I can almost buy a brand new one for that (like I would ever really buy a Toshiba again)!

Poor kid....had the computer for less than a year.......Would anybody like to come to my house and tell my thirteen year-old son with Aspergers that the computer he bought with his money is KAPUT? I know I don't want to..............he will never comprehend this!

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