Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Box-Free Report Card.

Eight days in and I have to say that I am doing better than I thought that I would. Thus far I have only cheated a couple of times:
  • I was running really behind one day and I fixed the boys some canned soup!!
  • I have not stopped making cream of wheat, yes it is from a box, but it's really good for you and I have no idea how I would make it without the box?? I know, I am just making lame excuses!!

Anyway, I have also added a smoothie a day to our regime. I can pack all sorts of things in those drinks that my kids (mainly the small one) will not eat alone....and they have no idea. I am getting a lot of ideas online and coming up with some of my own concoctions. I also put the smoothies in covered, no-see-through, cups so that they cannot see the color!! (Some are not so pleasantly colored!) I can get all kinds of great antioxidants and vitamins in their bellies...YAY!

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