Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The New Family Member.

After numerous attempts of trying to get accustomed to the ferret, I just could not do it. Weird odors, countless messes, and daily vitamin administerings were just too much for this Mommy to handle. Melman, the ferret, took the necessary trip back to the pet store. Then we decided on a much less maintenance sort of animal that the boys have always wanted....I have just never been a big fan of them! Here he is, the newest Smith......Monte! (We haven't totally decided on the name...could possibly change??
He is a rescue kitty and has a bobbed tail. He was born this way and it makes him unique....which we like. We adopted him from Petsmart and he has been a great kitty so far. (We have only had him two days.)

The best part was the introduction of the cat to the dog. There were tufts of fur flying and sporadic bouts of hissing coming at us, but for the most part they are doing quite well together. It will take some time for Fargo the wonder pest to realize he has to share the throne....but he has no choice!

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