Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Scenario # 1 In Wal-Mart yesterday doing a little grocery shopping when all of a sudden the downpour began. We caught a glimpse of the flash flood-like rain when the outside doors were opened by the incoming soaked guests. Let me just say...HOLY COW! There were all kinds of rain going on; huge droplet rain, sideways rain, upside down rain, and the little stinging type rain. David and I had come to a conclusion pretty quickly that we were going to get a little wet upon our departure to the truck.

Okay, so here is the mental picture: Me, pushing the cart, Braydon inside. David, running along next to the cart. The water is puddled about two inches deep in the parking lot. We are running as fast and as safely as we can. We get to the truck. Braydon gets in the truck...foot touches the wet running board and quickly proceeds to fall back out of the truck. (We are trying to do this entire process quickly...not really working for us.) David pops the back hatch and starts unloading the groceries. I take the cart to the cart return. David gets in the truck. I throw my purse into the truck and then climb in. By this time, there is a puddle of water in each of our seats. I appeared as though I had just climbed out of the shower....not one dry hair on my head. The boys equally as wet. What an experience.

When we arrived home I wanted so badly just to leave the groceries in the back for later, but I had refrigerated stuff...POO! Oh well, we couldn't get any more drenched! So we made it into the house and we all changed into nice dry clothes. Braydon then asks to do it again! What an adventure!

Scenario # 2 This morning I was sweeping the baseboards in my bedroom closet. No biggie, right, just doing some normal housework. Progress is taking place and almost done then...A REALLY LOUD KERTHUNK! I had sucked up one of my tank tops into the hose! Oops! I reached for the power button and turned it off just in time. It didn't reach the motor...whew. Then I finished and went on to my next task....just another day's work, huh.

Scenario # 3 Not really a situation but a status update. We still have the ferret...YUK! Why oh why did I have a weak mommy moment????

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