Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Those Pesky Little Critters!

One by one...in they come....the occasional wasp is what I am referring to. Minding our own business, we are sporadically attacked by the "killer wasps" while watching T.V. or just passing through our family room. AHH!

I don't know where these things are coming from??? (Don't say "outside", please)

This is what happens: Eldest child, doing his schoolwork, Mom in the bathrooms/bedrooms cleaning up. All of a sudden, I hear a very loud pre-pubescent squeal! I come out and sure enough we are being tormented by another wasp.

They thought they had us.....until....today! I figured it out while walking Fargo the wonder pest. The little buggers have made a nest inside of our chimney! I saw swarms of them just lingering around the stacked brick. So, an occasional wasp comes down the flu and squeezes it's sad little body through into our dwelling.

Husband is going to climb up on the roof and pulverize them! That in itself will be an entirely additional blog!

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