Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And The Mother Of The Year Award Goes To.....

We went to dinner Friday night with friends of ours at the local Mexican joint. We had a fun time visiting and sharing comical family happenings. (We have plenty of material)

All was well....drink orders were placed and we were digging in the bottomless baskets of chips! Suddenly, Braydon said, "Mama, my lip is burning" in a panicked stricken tone. I was a little puzzled and then I just figured the salsa must be too spicy for him, so I proceeded to just wipe off his little mouth.

I looked over at him a moment later and his upper lip had started to become enlarged! Okay, I thought, more detective work needed here. (Me thinking) He had requested a lemonade for his beverage of choice (his favorite drink at this place) and we had to send it back because it was icky. The replacement drink was punch....ok, he loves punch, what would be wrong with that? Well, I will tell you what is wrong with that....it wasn't fruit punch, it was strawberry juice! For those of you that do not know, we discovered last year that Braydon was allergic to Strawberries!

Crud! Was this going to be an E.R. worthy blooper?? We poured some water down his throat, with a little excess going down his shirt (oh well), and just all kind of stared at him for a little bit. I think the only thing that saved us was that it was imitation strawberry juice and not the real thing, whew! We finished our dinner, headed home for some benadryl therapy, and all was fine.

I would have never thought to ask the waitress if the punch had strawberries in it, I mean, they never do! UGH! Oh well, I guess I will always and forever ask about the contents of juice! DUH!

Bad Mommy....and the mother of the year award goes to..............

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