Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Do Children Have Brain Damage??

So, the twelve year old decides to have some fun in the kitchen the other day. Poor unsuspecting mom enters the kitchen returning from a bedroom mission and landed on her bottom!

That really hurt. My overly analytic brain was whirling. What had happened to my kitchen floor?? I mean, I usually keep it pretty clean, but never so shiny and as slippery as that day. So I decide to myself...I will ask the boy!!

I guess while I was working about in the house, he decided to take a little break from his schoolwork and have a little party. He thought it would be fun to spray the floor with pledge, put some socks on, and have a nice dust busting, skating arena.

HUH?? My brain just doesn't comprehend this sort of craziness! A part of me says, "very creative idea", and then the other part makes me think, "Are you that goofy, son??"

I know there will be many more adventures such as these living with all boys....I hope this is amusing to some of you....or some of you may be thinking this is payback from my childhood....whatever it may be, I know my kids are nuts.

Nothing will ever surprise me anymore...this is what motherhood has taught me.

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Mema said...

Well, it's easy for me to see where he gets his ideas! The nut doesn't fall far from the tree. I just have to sit back and laugh, could this be restitution? Whatever it is.....remember these are memories in the making!
love Vav ha ha!