Monday, August 4, 2008

Church At Our House.

On Sunday, when we were getting ready for church, the boys decided that all of their webkinz needed something to do while we were away. They decided if we were going to go learn about Jesus that the webkinz should have the same opportunity.

They lined up several webkinz that made up the choir, put a webkinz on the pulpit for the preacher, and finally filled the pews with the rest of the stuffed animals. It was very cute.

The sermon of the day was about Noah and his ark. I overheard "the preacher" discussing how Noah was condemned and laughed at because he was building such an absurd structure and that he was a faithful servant of the Lord. I listened to most of the sermon and it was great to hear that not all of what we teach them goes in one ear and out the other! They are great kiddos!

Now if all of their playtime could be that wholesome...yeah right, they are boys!

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