Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Hotel Disaster!

On our way to Indiana, we thought we would take it nice and easy and cut the trip up into two days. We normally just drive the entire 12 hours and just deal with all the "long trip issues".

The kids were so excited that we were going to stop and spend the night in the hotel, swim in the pool, and just have some downtime from driving. I think they were just a little too excited....

We had dinner at the one and only Lambert's, Home of the Throwed Rolls. That was a great experience. There were rolls 'a flyin' and side dishes passin' by at all times. I was, however; hit in the bottom with a roll, no damage done(plenty of cushion)...just good times. Then it was time to return to the room at the hotel.

Bedtime hours were upon us and the children were going to share a bed...Ha, yeah right!

We were bothered with giggles, "he's touching me", hehe, "his foot is on me", and anything else you could think of for THREE hours.....

He jumps out of bed with a wicked purpose, I'm sure. He asks the children who would like a spanking first and my dear little Braydon speaks up with such confidence and volunteers.......his brother. How sweet! Chris and I are laughing so hard at this time, he just hung his head, grabbed his pillow, and we each slept with one of the hooligans.

Oh, I forgot to mention Fargo was with us for the trip and during all the chaos, he had to be walked a couple times, barked at every passerby, growled at the air conditioner turning on, and jumped up and down off the bed at least fifty times.

It doesn't have to be said, but Daddy will never do this again.

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